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Lollipop Chainsaw

Watch the trailer forLollipop Chainsaw, James Gunn’s "cheerleader vs. zombies" game

What would it look like if James Gunn, writer of such so-wrong-they're-great movies as Slither and Super, wrote a zombie-centric version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Wonder no longer. The first trailer is out forLollipop Chainsaw, a zombie slaying game starring high school cheerleader Juliet Starling, from the awesomely bizarre mind of Suda 51 and his Grasshopper Factory.
And yes, it's very wrong. There is cuteness mixed with weird sexiness. There are upskirts. There are lots and lots of zombies. And there are lots of lollipops and chainsaws. This is a project made for James Gunn, basically.


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I am a polymath, universalist, critical thinker, and self declared anarcho-pacifist. I do my best as a teacher and I'm kind of a clumsy farmer.

What do you enjoy doing, Ullyses?

I really enjoy writing, even though it is most difficult for me, similar to how I feel about being an artist.

What are you doing for work these days?

I am trying to find a name for what I am doing, its an amalgam of social networking, storytelling, and exploiting technology for the purpose of inspiring others to fall in love with an idea and or product. Like a digital cupid with techno-ninja tendencies.

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I am.

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