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Shall we walk?

I am planning a trail walk from the bay area down to the Mexican border, hugging the coast, taking my time, and soaking up as much nature as time allows. I am taking this opportunity to get back tune with myself, write my manifesto, and meet my new friends.  I will document my journey as much as possible. I am still gathering some essentials, and planning the route, so if you are along the way, and want to meet up, lets coordinate. Are you feeling outdoorsy and want to hang out under the stars for a night ro 2, lets do it! 


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Who Are You... Ullyses?

I am a polymath, universalist, critical thinker, and self declared anarcho-pacifist. I do my best as a teacher and I'm kind of a clumsy farmer.

What do you enjoy doing, Ullyses?

I really enjoy writing, even though it is most difficult for me, similar to how I feel about being an artist.

What are you doing for work these days?

I am trying to find a name for what I am doing, its an amalgam of social networking, storytelling, and exploiting technology for the purpose of inspiring others to fall in love with an idea and or product. Like a digital cupid with techno-ninja tendencies.

You seem like you have had an interesting life, Ullyses, tell me more about that.

I have had some the most epic journeys one could imagine. I lived in Africa helping train doctors how to treat AIDS, managed a Chinese karaoke bar, backpacked for a year all over Afica, wandered India, was a Buddhist Monk, starting businesses all over the globe, fell in love, lost everything, gained everything and lost it again, have been loved and hated and admired and despised. I have experienced what it means to be human.

You seem awesome.

I am.

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