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Mother Nature Get’s Fingered

“Mother Nature Get’s Fingered”
A fantastic journey with weird shoes.

Vibram 5Fingers
I know what you’re thinking… is this a real blog? Reluctantly I say yes. I am getting naked, existentially speaking, and putting on a pair of those goofy Vibram 5Fingers shoes and walking the trails of our coastline. Some of my imaginary fans asked me some questions on a very important website, and these are my witty answers. 

“I am new to the Interweb, in 100 words or less… who are you?” – BETTY WHITE
I am an imagineering Vulcan with a backpack. That is to say I am an enigmatic, overly logical outsider with an active imagination, and a serious case of wanderlust. I have spent the greater part of 25 years indulging in the fringe. No, not the fridge, the “Fringe” as in the fringes of society where artists are born and geniuses are celebrated. I am an entrepreneur with a strange sense of what “local” means, and a complete lack of fiscal responsibility.  I have always been introspective, believing the doors to all the rooms lie with in my own mind, but the keys are held by the human experience.  I have a lot of keys, and time to open some doors. I am a writer. Well, I write stuff, and some encouraging people out there have me convinced to keep doing it. I also doodle a bit, and have a talent for it if I applied myself. I am an observer. I am awake and ever changing. I am obscure. I am also awesome.

This is an adventure from my perspective. My own unique perspective as a brilliant miscreant with a wildly checkered past. Well travelled. Mad as a balloon. Passionate about the human experience and all of its peaks and valleys. I have been a prisoner, a monk and character in an epic journey of growth and discovery.  I have tasted death, felt the crippling sting of loves withdrawal, and have gone mad. I lost an eye in one of those lame circumstances where you’re mom sais “Don’t do that or someone is going to lose an eye”.  I have lived a full life. An enriched life filled with mistakes, and lessons, and shit and glory and love. I am starting a new chapter in life, and I invite you join along.

 “WTF are you doing?” - MOM
I am going for a walk. I starting somewhere in the Bay Area and going south, hugging the coastline and inland mountains. When possible, I will explore our official trails, and help chart or maintain when possible. I am super excited about Big Sur and beeyaches of Santa Cruz.  I am keeping a journal, and posting it as frequently as possible.  I have a camera, small digital with video, and a Macbook Pro. I am still trying to find a solution to the laptop problem, too bulky but all I have.  I am going to play hooky from normality for a bit while I have an open window.

“Why are you doing it?” – Omar Sharif
Simply put, it sounds fun. I have spent countless hours writing out all the reasons why I am doing this, and each time I try to narrowly define why, it seems to change.  I have all sorts of deep and meaningful reasons, exploring my own psyche; having an adventure; running from society.  In the end, I decided to just do it because life is short and there is no one stopping me.

I have backpacked through Africa and Asia and now have come back to my roots to see what splendors my home state has. This is going to be the first in a multipart series of me experiencing California. Nature is my primary focus, with a bit of playing in public while restocking supplies and keep myself sanely connected to the world. I am also hoping to catch some really awesome live music and other local events.

“Are you trying to accomplish anything in particular? - BO BURNHAM
Not really. Not in any official sense. I am having a growing experience. I am trying to gain some peace and quiet in a variety of environments to help spur on creativity. Is that a goal? I am attempting to have a grande adventure, and I am keeping good records for later use such a novel, comic series, ect.

I am going to grow, and write about it, and if I know myself, I will have one hell of an experience. Some of the things I am being very conscious of, besides respecting the environment I am about to trampling through, are chakras. I am learning a lot about them and how neatly they correspond with Maslows Pyramid. I meditate, so there will be lots of contemplative moments, of which I will write about.  I am walking alone, so I have to make sure I have the right gear. I am only spending cash on food and park fees. No rides, no hotels, no restaurants. At least not that I will be paying for.

“Can I join you at some point for a couple nights off camera?” – SARAH SILVERMAN
Yes. Yes. Please bring some wine and a bag of jelly belly beans.

“What sounds fun about walking around in the dirt wearing weird shoes and not eating a lot?”– MARIO LOPEZ
Well, when you put it that way, Mario, it sounds lame. I wore a pair of Vibrams a few times and it took me a while to get over the freaky feeling of that stuff between my toes. The minor inconveniences of sleeping on the ground (or more likely slung in a tree) and pooping over a dirt hole, I consider growing pains. A small price to pay for such freedom.

“Why put yourself through the grief? Why not just work at the mall and go camping on holidays like normal people?” – RUSH LIMBAUGH
To which I reply, the physical pain and discomfort is minor in comparison to the slow agonizing pain of mediocrity. Does that sound pompous? I don’t mean to belittle those whose chose the status quo, we need you. The status quo should be temporary though, IMHO. We should weave into and out of it as we seek experiences outside the norm.


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Who Are You... Ullyses?

I am a polymath, universalist, critical thinker, and self declared anarcho-pacifist. I do my best as a teacher and I'm kind of a clumsy farmer.

What do you enjoy doing, Ullyses?

I really enjoy writing, even though it is most difficult for me, similar to how I feel about being an artist.

What are you doing for work these days?

I am trying to find a name for what I am doing, its an amalgam of social networking, storytelling, and exploiting technology for the purpose of inspiring others to fall in love with an idea and or product. Like a digital cupid with techno-ninja tendencies.

You seem like you have had an interesting life, Ullyses, tell me more about that.

I have had some the most epic journeys one could imagine. I lived in Africa helping train doctors how to treat AIDS, managed a Chinese karaoke bar, backpacked for a year all over Afica, wandered India, was a Buddhist Monk, starting businesses all over the globe, fell in love, lost everything, gained everything and lost it again, have been loved and hated and admired and despised. I have experienced what it means to be human.

You seem awesome.

I am.

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